50+ Fully Funded Undisclosed Scholarships in Canada

There are 50+ Undisclosed Scholarships in Canada that individuals at all times miss. Discover Your Dream Scholarship in Canada that’s accessible. Canadian International Scholarships for students from around the globe. While studying in Canada, scholarships in essential or any other funding source. The International Bachelor, Master, and PhD students can apply and discover these 50+ Scholarships in Canada which is open to all nationalities. For the Next decades, Canada should be your Study Destination.

Because they provide World-class schooling, trendy amenities, loads of Job and employment alternatives for worldwide students. They take care of international students. is the perfect resource that will help you discover scholarships in Canada for International StudentsWith millions of scholarships accessible, our Search bar does the be just right for you. Do You that Canada has additionally elevated the variety of immigrants? Take a look at the information at Canada’s PM Welcome 1.3 Million in 2022-24

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Right here, we’ve got listed some simple scholarships in Canada that are additionally unclaimed scholarships in Canada for students. So be certain that to use for these simple scholarships in Canada that are nonetheless very a lot unclaimed if you’re eligible for any of them, and revel in their advantages. Simple List, We are the best. We update our scholarship information every day. Discover these Unclaimed Scholarships in Canada. The Listing of the 50+ Undisclosed Scholarships in Canada 2022-23 is given below.

50+ Undisclosed Scholarships in Canada 2022-23

Scholarship Nation Canada
Degree Level Bachelor, Master, PhD
Financial Coverage Funded
Deadline Varies from University to University

University of Waterloo Scholarships in Canada

  • Award: $1,000 – $100,000

Temporary description

As a scholar on the College of Waterloo, you might be routinely thought-about for the next unclaimed and straightforward scholarships and Bursaries;

  • President’s Scholarship of Distinction
  • President’s Scholarship
  • Merit Scholarship
  • International Student Entrance Scholarships

2# Queen’s University Scholarships

  • Award: Ranging from $1,500 – $20,000

Temporary description

At Queen’s University, you’ll uncover some of the 50 easy and unclaimed scholarships in Canada, a few of them include;

  • Automatic Admission Scholarships (no application required)
  • Principal’s Scholarship
  • Excellence Scholarship
  • Queen’s College Worldwide Admission Scholarship
  • Principal’s Worldwide Scholarship – India
  • Mehran Bibi Sheikh Memorial Entrance Scholarship
  • Killam American Scholarship.

3. Université de Montréal (UdeM) Exemption Scholarship for International Students 

Award: Exemption from extra tuition charges for worldwide college students.

Temporary description

On the Université de Montréal, the perfect abilities from across the globe are inspired to attend the establishment and get the advantage of exemption from extra tuition. This is one very easy scholarship to acquire.

4. University of Alberta Scholarships in Canada

Award: CAD 7,200 – CAD 15,900.

Brief description

As one of many 50 easy scholarships in Canada that are additionally unclaimed scholarships in Canada, the University of Alberta Scholarships are a set of scholarship packages awarded by the Canadian government to assist international students who want to study, conduct research, or acquire skilled improvement in Canada on a short-term basis.

5. University of Toronto Scholarships

Award: Unspecified.

Brief description

Admission awards of the University of Toronto are among the best and unclaimed scholarships legitimate for newly admitted students within the first year of their undergraduate studies.

When you apply to the University of Toronto, you routinely get thought-about for a wide range of admission awards.

6. Canada Vanier Graduate Scholarships

Award: $50,000 per year for 3 years during doctoral studies.

Brief description

For graduate students who’re carrying out research on the following topics,

  • Health research
  • Natural sciences and/or engineering
  • Social sciences and humanities

7. University of Saskatchewan Scholarships

Award: $20,000.

Brief description

The College of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS) at the University of Saskatchewan provides graduate scholarships to students in the following departments/units:

  • Anthropology
  • Art & Art History
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Education – cross-departmental PhD program
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Languages, Literatures, & Cultural Studies
  • Large Animal Clinical Sciences
  • Linguistics & Religious Studies
  • Marketing
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Small Animal Clinical Sciences
  • Veterinary Pathology
  • Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies.

8. Windsor University Scholarships 

Award:  $1,800 – $3,600

Brief description

The Windsor University fully-funded scholarship for MBA programs is awarded to international students.

As a student, you may apply for the award on a month-to-month basis and stand an opportunity to win.

The Windsor University Scholarships is one of the 50 simple and unclaimed scholarships in Canada.

9. Laurier Scholars Program

Award: Seven students chosen to obtain a $40,000 entrance scholarship

Brief description

The Laurier Scholars Award is an annual entrance scholarship that provides high-achieving students a $40,000 entrance scholarship and links the award recipients to a dynamic community of scholars to network and obtain mentorship.

10. Laura Ulluriaq Gauthier Scholarship

Award: $5000.

Brief description

Qulliq  Energy  Corporation  (QEC)  awards one annual scholarship to a vivid Nunavut student curious about pursuing post-secondary schooling.

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11. Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund

Award: $2,500.

Brief description

Over 375 Ted Rogers Scholarships have been awarded to students yearly since 2017. The TED Rogers Scholarship helps students achieve their dreams and is legitimate for all packages,

  • Arts
  • Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Trades.

12. International Impact Award

Award: Unspecified

Brief description

This award is an easy unclaimed scholarship for students who are passionate and dedicated to discovering options for world points equivalent to, social justice points, climate change, equity and inclusion, societal health and wellness, and freedom of expression.

13. Marcella Linehan Scholarship

Award: $2000 (full-time) or $1000 (part-time)

Brief description

The Marcella Linehan Scholarship is an annual scholarship awarded to registered nurses finishing a graduate program in either Master of Nursing or a Doctorate of Nursing Program.

14. Beaverbrook Scholars Award

Award: $50,000.

Brief description

Beaverbrook Scholarship Award is a scholarship award at the University of New Brunswick that requires the Award recipient to wonderful in academics, exhibit leadership qualities, be concerned in extra-curricular actions, and must be in financial need.

15. Ages Foundation Research Fellowship and Bursaries


  • One (1) $15,000 award
  • One (1) $5,000 award
  • One (1) $5,000 BIPOC award
  • As much as Five (5) $1,000+ bursaries (relying on the whole variety of outstanding applications obtained.)

Brief description

The bursary is awarded to graduate students who’re engaged on a research/project which has an environmental focus or component.

Graduate students making environmental contributions by means of science, art, and numerous inquiry, are awarded as much as $15,000 as funding for the research/project.

16. Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship

Award: $10,000 every year

Brief description

Manulife Life Lessons Scholarship Program is a program that is created for students who have lost one parent/guardian or both with no life insurance to cushion the impact of the loss.

17. De Beers Group Scholarships for Canadian Women

Award: A minimal of four (4) awards valued at $2,400

Brief description

De Beers Group Scholarships are awards that promote the inclusion of women (particularly from indigenous communities) in tertiary schooling.

This is among the simpler scholarships for females with a minimal of four awards yearly.

18. TELUS Innovation Scholarship

Award: Valued at $3,000

Brief description

TELUS Innovation Scholarship is a scholarship which is created to make entry to studying a lot easier for residents of Northern British Columbia.

As one of the top 50 simple and unclaimed scholarships in Canada for global students, the TELUS Scholarship stays legitimate yearly for all full-time students who are residents of Northern British Columbia.

19. Electrical Industry Scholarships

Award: Twelve (12) $1,000 University and College Scholarships

Brief description

The EFC Scholarship program offers students in tertiary establishments who are curious about pursuing a profession in the Electrical industry, with funding to assist their academics.

20. Canadian College and University Fair – $3,500 Prize Draw

Award: As much as $3,500 and other Prizes

Brief description

The Canadian College and University Fairs is a lottery-styled scholarship designed for students who’re admitted into tertiary institutions for either undergraduate or graduate packages. prepare for your profession.

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21. Check Your (Re)flex Scholarship Awards Contest


  • One (1) $1500 award
  • One (1) $1000 award
  • One (1) $500 award

Brief description

Although the Check your Reflex scholarship sounds much more like gambling or lottery, it’s much more. The chance for a random probability at profitable one thing large makes it one of many 50 simple and unclaimed scholarships in Canada.

Nevertheless, the Check your (Re)flex Scholarship emphasizes being a responsible player.

22. Toronto Regional Real Estate Board’s (TREBB) Past President’s Scholarship


  • Two (2) $5,000 for 2 first-place winners
  • Two (2) $2,500 second-place winners
  • From 2022, there will be two third-place awards of $2,000 each and two fourth-place awards of $1,500 each.

Brief description

The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board is a not-for-profit corporation based in 1920 by a small group of real estate practitioners.

The scholarship since its inception in 2007 has awarded 50 successful candidates.

23. Raven Bursaries

Award: $2,000

Brief description

Established 1994, the Raven Bursaries is donated by the University of Northern British Columbia to new full time students at the university.

24. York University International Student Scholarship

Award: $35,000 for Four successful candidates (Renewable)

Brief description

The York University International Student Scholarship is an award given to international students who’re getting into the York University either from secondary school (or equivalent) or by means of the direct entry undergraduate program. The student needs to be applying into any of the following Faculties;

  • Environmental and Urban Change
  • School of Arts
  • Media
  • Performance and Design
  • Health
  • Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
  • Sciences.

25. Calgary International Entrance Scholarships

Award: $15,000 (Renewable). Two awardees

Brief description

The Calgary International Entrance Scholarships is an award for international students who’ve just gotten admitted into the Undergraduate program at the University of Calgary.

The award recipient should have satisfied the English Language Proficiency requirement.

The scholarship can be renewed yearly within the second, third and fourth year if the award recipient is ready to preserve a GPA of 2.60 or extra for at least 24.00 units.

26. Winnipeg President’s Scholarships for World Leaders


  • Six (6) $5,000 undergraduate awards
  • Three (3) $5,000 graduate awards
  • Three (3) $3,500 colligate awards
  • Three (3) $3,500 PACE awards
  • Three (3) $3,500 ELP awards.

Brief description

The University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship for World Leaders is a straightforward scholarship award in Canada for international students who’re enrolling into any of the University’s packages for the first time.

Candidates can both be enrolled for an undergraduate program, a graduate program, a collegiate program, a Professional Applied Continuing Education (PACE) program or an English Language Program (ELP).

28. Carleton Prestige Scholarships


  •  Limitless variety of $16,000 awards in renewable $4,000 installments over 4 years for students who have an admission average of 95 – 100%
  • Limitless variety of $12,000 awards in renewable $3,000 installments over 4 years for students who have an admission average of 90 – 94.9%
  •  Limitless variety of $8,000 awards in renewable $2,000 installments over 4 years for students who have an admission average of 85 – 89.9%
  • Limitless variety of $4,000 awards in renewable $1,000 installments over 4 years for students who have an admission average of 80 – 84.9%.

29. Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships

Brief description

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship is an award which permits distinctive and excellent students from throughout the globe to study at the University of Toronto.

As a vivid scholar, this is one outstanding opportunity for you.

30. Graduate Covid-19 Program Delay Tuition Awards

Brief description

Graduate Covid Program Delay Tuition Awards are support awards for graduate students within the UBC whose educational work or analysis progress was delayed by disruptions because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Students will obtain awards equal to their tuition. The prize is awarded once.

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31. Global Student Contest Scholarships

Award: $500 – $1,500.

Brief description

The International Student Contest Scholarships are awarded yearly to students who exhibit excellent results in their studies.

32. Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships


For the learning of languages

  • As much as $20,000 yearly for 3 years.

For other programs 

  • As much as $40,000 yearly for 3 years to cowl tuition and affordable dwelling bills.

33. Anne Vallee Ecological Fund

Award: Two (2) $1,500 awards.

Brief description

The Anne Vallée Ecological Fund (AVEF) is a scholarship to assist graduate students carrying out animal research in a Québec or British Columbia University.

The AVEF is focused on supporting field research in animal ecology, in relation with the influence of human actions equivalent to forestry, industry, agriculture, and fishing.

34. Canada Memorial Scholarship

Award: Full Scholarship.

Brief description: 

Canada Memorial Scholarship provides awards to graduate students from the UK who want to study in Canada and also to students in Canada seeking to study within the UK.

The award is given to vivid young individuals with leadership potentials enroll for any art, science, business or public policy program.

35. Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s Program

Award: $17,500 for 12 months, non-renewable.

Brief description

The Canada Graduate Scholarships is a program for students working to develop analysis abilities to become highly qualified personnel.

36. NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships

Award: Unspecified (wide range of prizes).

Brief description

The NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships are a group of graduate scholarships which focuses on the breakthroughs and accomplishments by means of analysis by young student researchers.

37. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program

Award: $50,000 yearly for Three years (non-renewable).

Brief description

Established in 2008, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) is among the easy and unclaimed scholarships in Canada.

It’s purpose of attracting and retaining world-class doctoral students in Canada makes it extra simpler to picked.

Nevertheless, you have to be nominated first before you stand an opportunity at profitable the award.

38. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

Award: $70,000 yearly (taxable) for two years (non-renewable).

Brief description

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program offers funding to the very best postdoctoral applicants, both nationally and internationally, who will positively contribute to Canada’s development.

The target of the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships program is to draw and retain top-tier postdoctoral abilities, both nationally and internationally.

39. TD Scholarships for Community Leadership

Award: As much as $70000 for tuition yearly for a most of 4 years.

Brief description

TD Scholarships is awarded to students who’ve demonstrated an impressive dedication to community leadership. The scholarship covers tuition, dwelling bills and mentorship.

40. AIA Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Award

Award: Unspecified.

Brief description

The Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Awards program is an unclaimed scholarship program in Canada that seeks to offer financial help to deserving students who want to further their education within the automotive subject.

41. Schulich Leader Scholarships


  • $100,000 for Engineering Scholarships
  • $80,000 for Science and Math Scholarships.

Brief description: 

Schulich Leader Scholarships, Canada’s undergraduate STEM scholarships is awarded to entrepreneurial-minded highschool graduates enrolling into a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math program at any of Schulich’s 20 partner universities throughout Canada.

The Schulich Leader Scholarships is among the most coveted in Canada however it’s also one of the best to get.

42. Loran Award


  • Complete Worth, $100,000 (Renewable for as much as 4 years).


  • $10,000 annual stipend
  • A tuition waiver from one of 25 partner universities
  • Personal mentorship from a Canadian leader
  • As much as $14,000 in funding for summer work experiences.

Brief description

The Loran Scholarship award is among the 50 simple and unclaimed scholarships in Canada which awards undergraduates based on a mix of educational achievement, extracurricular activity and leadership potential.

The Loran Scholarship companions with 25 Universities in Canada to make sure students with leadership potential get funding for studies.

43. TD Scholarships for Community Leadership

Award: As much as $70000 for tuition yearly for a most of 4 years.

Brief description

TD Scholarships is awarded to students who’ve demonstrated an impressive dedication to group management. The scholarship covers tuition, dwelling bills and mentorship.

The TD Scholarships is among the 50 simple and unclaimed scholarships in Canada.

44. Sam Bull Memorial Scholarship

Award: $1,000.

Brief description

The Sam Bull Memorial Scholarship is a simple scholarship in Canada awarded to students who’ve proven dedication and excellence in academics.

The award is given for excellence in any program of studies at the university level.

45. Senator James Gladstone Memorial Scholarship


  • Award for excellence in a program of study at a university or technical institution — $750.00.
  • Award for excellence in a program of studies at the university level — $1,000.00.

Brief description

The Senator James Gladstone Memorial Scholarship can also be awarded to students who’ve proven dedication and excellence in academics.

46. Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award

Award: Unspecified

Brief description

The Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award is an award which acknowledges superior educational achievement and distinctive leadership abilities of international undergraduate students.

The award is for international students who enroll to the University of British Columbia instantly from a secondary school or from a submit secondary school institution for an undergraduate program.

Consideration is restricted to students nominated by the academic establishment they have been attending.

47. OCAD University International Student Bursary in Canada

Award: Unspecified.

Brief description

The OCAD University International Student Scholarship is an unclaimed undergraduate award that acknowledges achievement. This scholarship may be simple to get for yourself.

The OCAD University International Student Bursary, nevertheless, is an award distributed based mostly on the financial needs of students.

For the scholarship, the award is predicated on good grades or juried competitions.

The OCAD University International Student Bursary and Scholarships are among the best to get in Canada.

48. International Athletes Awards at University of Calgary 

Award: As much as three (3) $10,000 awards for tuition and different charges.

Brief description

The International Athletes Awards at University of Calgary is a scholarship provided yearly to international students enrolled in an undergraduate diploma program who’re members of the Dino’s athletic staff.

The athletes should have passed the English Language Proficiency requirement.

49. Terry Fox Humanitarian Award 


  • Complete Worth, $28,000 (Dispersed over four (4) years).

Breakdown for Students who pay Tuition 

  • $7,000 annual stipend issued on to the establishment in two installments of $3,500.

Breakdown for Students who don’t pay Tuition 

  • $3,500 annual stipend issued on to the establishment in two installments of $1,750.

Brief description

The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program was created to commemorate Terry Fox’s outstanding life and his contributions to cancer research and awareness.

The award program is an investment in young Canadian humanitarians who search the excessive beliefs that Terry Fox exemplified.

Terry Fox Award Recipients are eligible to obtain the Award for a maximum of 4 years), offered they preserve satisfactory academic standing, a standard of humanitarian work and good personal conduct.

50. National Essay Contest

Award:  $1,000–$20,000.

Brief description

The National Essay Contest is among the simple and unclaimed scholarships in Canada, all you have to do is write a 750-worded essay in French.

For the 2021 award, applicants are required to jot down on the subject.

In a future where everything is possible, how will the meals we eat and the way it’s produced have modified?


Well, the list isn’t exhaustive, however I bet you’ve discovered one for you here. Do you suppose there are different scholarships we skipped? Effectively, Use this (Search Bar) to filter out all of the Canadian Opportunities.

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