Allard Price 2022 Photography Competition

We are pleased to inform the general public and all photographers that Allard Prize Photography Competition (CAD $1,000 prize) for 2022. The bi-annual Photography Competition acknowledges photographic excellence reflecting the beliefs of the Allard Prize. It is a contest for enthusiastic candidates about their photography skills and working on their attractive portfolios.

The bi-annual Allard Photography Competition, which recognizes photographic excellence reflecting the ideals of the Allard Prize, is adjudicated by the Allard Prize Committee and Maxe Fisher, Associate Professor, Faculty of Design + Dynamic Media, Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Each winner/ winning photograph will receive CAD $100,000 and is featured on the Allard Prize website, with a brief description of the photographer’s name for six months. The Bi-Annual Allard Photography Competition recognizes excellent reflecting ideals of the Allard Prize, as adjudicated by the Allard prize committee and Max Fisher.

Photographers are inspired to submit entries year-round. Entries ought to replicate themes of braveness and management in combating corruption, particularly by way of selling transparency, accountability, the rule of legislation, and human rights and anti-corruption usually. They additionally notably welcome entries that depict corruption and human rights violations within the developed world.

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  • Open to people who’ve reached the age of majority of their nation of residence on the time of entry.
  • Members of the Allard Prize Photography Competition Jury, the Allard Prize Committee and the Allard Prize Advisory Board are usually not eligible to take part throughout their phases as Jury, Committee or Advisory Board members and for one 12 months following the top of their sentences.
  • Competition is open for all countries regardless of background.

Entry Requirements 

  • Photographs submitted are digital photographs, submitted at the highest resolution reasonably possible.
  • Horizontal images should be minimum of 1180 pixels wide and vertice images should be at least 740 pixels tall.
  • The photographs should not have borders and white/black framing.
  • The file name must contain the name/title of the photographer.

Allard Prize Photography Competition 2022 – ScholarshipUpdate

How To Apply For Allard Photography Competition 

  • To enter the Allard Prize Photography Competition, the Entrants must upload their photographs and complete the online application form, including:
  • A brief description of photographs of up to 1200 characters, describing how the photographs reflect the theme of the Allard prize of courage and leadership in combating corruption, especially through promoting transparency, accountability and rule of law or human rights/anti-corruption.
  • A brief introduction about the Entrant.
  • Entries that depict corruption and human rights violations in the developed world are particularly welcomed.
  • Photography submission can be done online.

Click on the link to Apply 

Click on the Official Website 

Deadline: May 1st 2022

Country: Online

Financial Coverage: Paid

Allard Prize Photography Competition 2022 | Photo Contest Deadlines

Benefits Of Allard Photography Award 

  • Each winner/ winning photograph will receive CAD $100,000 and will be featured on the Allard Prize website, with a brief description of the photographer’s name for six months.
  • Winning entries are archived as a past winner on the website.

Below is a you tube video of how to win any  photography Contests

How To Win A Photo Contest 

Formal Requirements

This is often overlooked, but it is very important that you meet formal requirements when submitting pictures to the photo contest. The most important is to fulfill all the objectives of the organizer; otherwise, your application may be rejected in the initial phase.

Remember! Note:
 Comply with formal contest requirements and specifications, such as photo size and file format (jpg, png, etc.).
2. Check if the organizer requires a specific file naming convention, for example: forename_name, forename_name_category, etc.
3. Check what level of photo modification in graphics programs is acceptable. There are competitions where modifications are not allowed at all. Some photo contests allow you to make a small correction, such as color, balance, and cropping. Additionally, there are online contests where the approach to digital art is very open.
4. Carefully check if the competition is intended only for a specific type of photography, such as only black and white pictures, only analog pictures, etc.
5. Some competitions define the time frame, for example: photos no older than three years, only photos taken the current year, etc.
6. Sometimes, the number of photos allowed is limited. Check exactly how many pictures or series can be added.
7. Check if the contest is aimed at specific groups of photographers. Ensure that you can take part in the competition by reviewing contestant requirements, such as nationaltiy, age, etc.

Photo Contest Theme

There are many types of photo competitions. Contests are diverse in terms of techniques and categories. Choosing types of competition and category are the most important points in the course of planning your application. Precisely adjust your photo to be suitable for the type of competition and appropriate category!

Read Official Rules/Terms and Conditions of the Photo Contest!

A big effect on your success is the photo competition’s official rules. In the terms and conditions, you can find specific tips regarding deadlines, quantity of photos, and other formalities. Study the official rules of the photo contest carefully. Understanding the rules from the very beginning gives you a huge advantage over other competitors. Check, point by point, what you can and cannot do. Learn what exactly will attract judges’ attention while evaluating submitted photos. Find out what the prize amount is and what kind of support the winners of the competition will get.

Always Submit Your Best Photos

Pay attention to the unique approach to the contest’s subject. Remember that jurors have thousands of photos to evaluate, and you have only a moment to draw their attention to your work. Try to find among all your photos the one that captures your eyes and represents something original, unobvious, or unexpected. The perfect picture for the contest should intrigue with its composition and play of light. Your photo has to shout and clearly show its superiority over the rest of the work.

Browse the Galleries from Previous Contests

This lesson cannot be missed! Visit photo contest galleries from previous years. If possible, order the winners catalogs. Study the work of winning photographers and their techniques carefully. Consider what caught the attention and interested the jurors. Browsing the gallery will let you know the level of competition, and you will gain knowledge about the type of photos the judges are looking for.

Idea, Originality, and Execution

These are three words that must scream from your photo. There are many ideas for photos and series of photos. Search for inspiration among your closest surroundings, in nature, at events, or on the Internet. Try to tell an interesting story. But remember that finding an original idea is not everything. What also matters is the unique presentation of your idea and technical execution. Pay attention to the composition. Follow the rule of thirds, but do not be afraid to experiment. There are many ways to catch the attention of the jury by using the frame. Look for new ways to present the picture. Remember all characteristics mentioned above when submitting each your photos to the contest. Do not forget that the quality of the picture is most signifficant. If the jurors hesitate between two pictures, they will choose the one that is sharper and clearer. Your photo must be immaculate!

Not Only Do the Winners Matter!

Not everyone can win. Often, only one vote decides the winner. When you decide to take part in photo competition, note if honorable mention will be given. All honorable mentioned can count on promotion, a place in the post-contest gallery, and publishing in newspapers or online magazines. This will significantly increase your chance to capture the audience’s attention.

Be Persistent yet Patient

Photography is a passion, but often, it’s also a way to earn money. Be persistent! Work on the workshop. Browse and analyze the winners galleries of prestigious competitions. Grow as an artist and improve your skills. Blur the line between amateur and professional. Set the goal of winning the competition and strive for it. Every year, send photos to at least a few contests. Experiment with the categories. It is possible that one of them will feel much better than others. Find your niche. Specialize in a particular technique.

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