Beware Of Scammers Impersonating UNICAL’S Vice- Chancellor

The University of Calabar (Unical) has given a serious warning in opposition to crooks and scammers impersonating the school’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Florence Banku Obi, on numerous social media platforms. The reason for this post is to tell the general public about this case and give guidance on the ways to steer clear from falling victims to these impersonators.

Unical’s Assertion and Warning:

The Public Relations Office of the University of Calabar launched a press release warning unsuspecting members of the general public to be watchful and avoid doing business with anybody on social media acting as the Vice Chancellor. The school stressed that anybody who falls victim to these impersonators does so at their very own peril. The assertion additional states that not either the school or the Vice Chancellor would ask for monetary gratification of any sort from anybody on social media.

Debunking False Claims:

The assertion from Unical additionally discredits the incorrect claim going rounds on social media that the Federal Government had accepted the provision of HP laptops to the school. The university maintains that such claims are a calculated attempt by scammers to dupe individuals and take their money.

Specific Warning:

The assertion points out that a certain impersonator, using the WhatsApp number 09136530445, is active on numerous social media platforms, promising to give contracts to unsuspecting people. The general public is advised to ignore such chats or messages from this number, as it is not from the Vice Chancellor.


The University of Calabar has given a warning to the general public about crooks and scammers impersonating the school’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Florence Banku Obi, on social media platforms. The general public is urged to be watchful and avoid partaking with anybody acting as the Vice-Chancellor or some other university staff. At all times confirm the source of communication and be cautious when sharing private data or doing any monetary transactions on-line.

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