7 Colorado Small Business Grant Options

Colorado isn’t just  an ideal place to live, but also a great place to run a small business.

Together with lots of fantastic resources in your state, you’ll also discover that there are a number of options for Colorado small business grants to assist fund your business.

That’s “free money” to your Colorado business, so to speak. It is money that you simply don’t have to pay again.

Discovering the best Colorado small business grants to your particular business can take some work and a little bit of strategy, however figuring out where and how to go about the process is the primary part of the process.

Right here, we’ll go through totally different resources to find and establish the best Colorado small business grants provided both by native and government companies in your state in addition to some bigger national opportunities.

We’ll additionally cover how to zero in on the fitting alternatives for you, and to be sure you’re being environment friendly with the time you’re spending in your Colorado small enterprise grant purposes.

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7 Top choices for Colorado small business grants

Finding the perfect Colorado small business grants is a two-pronged process.

First, you’ll want to be sure you have the pulse on Colorado small business grants that are unique to your location—each statewide and regionally.

Then, you’ll additionally wish to have a sense of alternatives that are offered extra widely.

Though they may not essentially be particular to Colorado-based entrepreneurs, they’re open to them, which suggests they’re worth considering. We’ll go through each here.

1- The Denver Foundation grants

For Colorado-based nonprofit companies doing good in their neighborhood, The Denver Foundation (TDF), provides a number of different grants;

typically focused in the areas of primary human needs, economic opportunity, training, and leadership, and equality. Grant awards sometimes vary from $5,000 up to $20,000.

If TDF’s lists of grants aren’t quite a match for your small business, it’s still worth poking round their web site, as they list a number of different resources for nonprofits to find grants.

2- Customized job training grants

Contingent on obtainable funding, the customized job training grants might be place for Colorado-based entrepreneurs to search for funding.

These grants, supplied jointly through the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) and Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), are available two varieties.

The first program, Colorado First, offers funds for companies that are relocating to or increasing in Colorado to train new hires.

The second program, Existing Industry, is targeted on established Colorado companies and provides funds to help them stay competitive within their industry, adapt to new technology, and stop layoffs.

3- Ballantine Family Fund

In case you are a nonprofit in Colorado and have secured 501(3)(c) designation, you might wish to consider the Ballantine Family Fund grant.

That is specific to companies working in the Southwest Colorado area, particularly La Plata, Dolores, Montezuma, Archuleta, and San Juan counties.

The Ballantine Family Fund gives out about $250,000 in total grants each year; so if you meet the standards, it’s definitely worth it to apply.

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4- Colorado Fresh Food Financing Fund

Each nonprofits and for-profits working to expand people’s access to meals can apply for grant funding from the Colorado Fresh Food Financing Fund.

This program offers awards as much as $50,000 for companies working in food retailing which are expanding access to low-income or deprived customers, as well as rural communities.

Award winners can use the cash for business operations, land, and extra. They advise that your small business should be past the idea phase, with, at a minimal, a completed marketing strategy and also financial projections.

5- Choose Colorado Rural Business Funding

The next on our list of Colorado small business grants, Choose Colorado has a protracted list of funding resources for rural-based companies.

You’ll discover a mix of resources right here, together with state lending applications and tax credits as well as small business grants.

It might take a bit little bit of digging to find your grant alternatives, however there’s typically a lot of money available for companies doing good work in rural growth.

6- Select Colorado Startup Assets

If you have a startup and are searching for Colorado small business grants particularly to your budding business, you could wish to check out the Choose Colorado resource for startups.

Like the rural hub, this is again a list of a number of totally different resources for Colorado-based small businesses and startups.

There are different applications such as federal lending and tax credit, however you’ll have the ability to discover some grant alternatives in there that may very well be a match for your small business too.


Darwin Initiative Extra Grant Program

7- Colorado GrantWatch

Once you’re keeping in mind central hubs to find Colorado small business grants, be sure you test Colorado GrantWatch often.

Like a few of the different grant aggregators, you won’t simply see alternatives which are unique to Colorado-based small businesses.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of wonderful opportunities right here for Colorado small business grants throughout different industries, sectors, and extra—many of which are a match for companies based in your state.

One other good reason to keep an eye on Colorado GrantWatch is that the location updates often, which provides you with a sense of what’s new and which applications are currently accepting purposes.

8- Amber Grant for Women

In case you’re a Colorado-based woman entrepreneur, you could wish to consider the Amber Grant. Judges for the Amber Grant choose a female entrepreneur every month to win an award of $10,000.

After all the monthly prizes have been awarded for the year, a $25,000 award is granted to one of the 12 monthly winners, that means if you win both the monthly and yearly prize cash, you’ll net $35,000 total for your small business.

In case you’d prefer to apply for an Amber Grant, you’ll fill out a short application with a couple of questions, present some personal data, and pay a $15 software price.



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