IU Scholarship to Study and Work in Germany (Starting Salary is €45,000)

A benefit of studying and working abroad is the opportunity to discover yourself while gaining an understanding of a different culture. Being in a new place by yourself can be overwhelming at times, and it tests your ability to adapt to diverse situations while being able to problem solve.

Studying and schooling abroad is one opportunity one should not miss and IU university scholarship is making it possible for interested candidates to do so.

How to apply IU International Scholarships For Study And Work In Germany 2022 – 5li Study

Benefits Of Studying Abroad  

Gaining career options

Being able to speak more than one language is always a highly regarded skill, and can open up the opportunity to work in a number of other countries.

Some international students decide to apply for work visas when their course has finished as they wish to search for jobs in that country. Studying abroad can open up a new world of job opportunities in another country, broadening your postgraduate options.

The personal skills you develop while studying abroad can also be appealing to prospective employers. The willingness you’ve shown to step out of your comfort zone, your global outlook and your independence will be traits shown through your decision to study abroad.

Getting a higher quality of education

One of the main reasons to study abroad is the standard of teaching, as it may be higher than in your home country. Having access to a higher level of education can help you in your chosen career, meaning studying abroad could be great value for money.

Having the option to study abroad also means a wider pool of universities and programs to pick from. If you know the type of undergraduate or postgraduate program you want to study, you can find universities that are world-renowned in that subject, and not be limited by what’s available in your country.

Applying for further study

Completing a degree abroad can be a real testament to your academic merit. If you’re looking to do a higher degree, studying abroad can help boost your application and personal statement, showing your dedication to your chosen subject.

The international academic community is an important aspect of research, so having studied in a different country means you will have international connections and fresh ideas on topics; this can be appealing to universities looking for master’s degree or PhD candidates.

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Benefits of working Abroad 

There are so many advantages of studying and  working abroad, any students who sees such opportunity should grab it as there are limited opportunity.

Expand your professional network

Working abroad is a great opportunity to expand your professional network. The power of a well-developed professional network should not be underestimated. Many job openings are not advertised publicly; instead, they are filled through referrals and professional networking. So make sure you talk to your new colleagues and establish good professional relations with them. You never know where your next job offer can come from.

Advantage over other jobseekers

Having international work experience on your resume will never go out of style. This shows adaptability, motivation and determination – three skills that employers and recruiters greatly value. In addition, having international experience will put you at an immediate advantage over other candidates who have never worked abroad

Better communication skills

Moving abroad means that you have to build new social and professional circles. This can be hard, especially if you are shy by nature or if you do not speak the local language too well. However, this is the best way to improve your communication – a skill that is not just important in your daily life, but also valued by employers.

New life skills

When you move abroad, you are often separated from your support system. In these moments, you can find out about different knowledge and skill gaps, which you did not know you had. For example, you may realize that you do not know how to cook your favorite meal or keep track of your monthly budget. Living abroad makes us learn new skills out of necessity, which helps us be more independent.

IU in Germany is an International University Applied Sciences achieved 99 out of 100 points in our QS Stars Report and we are the first German University to receive such ranking.

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Most of these jobs are in the STEM and business industries, these industries have many occupations which are also among the least susceptible to automation, a staggering 79% of new job vacancies in 2018 were in areas facing shortages. That’s why they’re really is no time like the present to choose a degree that will work for you well into the future. IU offers a wide range of Bachelor, Master’s, and MBA degrees in the areas of STEM, business, and more. Offering you a great career and financial prospects as well as scholarships of up to 80%!

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The advantages of getting this wonderful scholarship 

Practical & Career-Focused Learning Material

A key aspect that makes IU graduates stand out from the crowd is the focus put on practicality. Their programs are designed with the latest industry developments in mind and taught by experienced industry professionals. These aspects are combined with a practical curriculum, using case studies to aid learning, meaning that you graduate with a realistic experience of the kind of issues you will face in your field. This is why 94% of IU’s graduates find work within three months of graduation.

Study Your Way

There are advantages to studying online or on-campus depending on your circumstances, but circumstances can change, that’s why IU offers a flexible model that enables you to choose. IU’s online model offers you complete flexibility, study on your terms, and complete lectures whenever you have time. This is perfect for anyone already working or those with family commitments. You even get to take exams whenever you are ready, from the comfort of your own home, with no travel or extra cost.

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