Sudan War: Trapped Nigerians Students Cries For Help, Accuses Embassy Of Neglect

Nigerian students schooling in Sudan needs aid  as the Khartoum part of the nation is damaged by war. Quiet a  number of the students who’re in search of evacuation blame the Nigerian embassy of abandoning them in such a deadly time.

There’s presently a war going on in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, between rival factions of the country’s military government which has taken the lives of a number of civilians.

A scholar by the name Umar Faruq, while chatting with a news agency claimed that unlike their colleagues from Niger Republic, Cameroon, and Kenya who were recurrently updated on the state of things of the war by their respective Embassies in Sudan, they didn’t get such from the Nigerian Embassy.

He also mentioned that although all Nigerian students have been protected, however the report of the war have made their dad and mom and relations scared and regular information from the embassy would make them not to be worried. He however averted the possibility of all students being evacuated as the Khartoum airport is shut down.

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